• Swipe

    Swipe screened at Alex Miller’s ‘5 or Less’ Festival on Sep. 11, 2015: “For the past five years, writer and artist Alex Miller has been creating pithy and often hilarious movie reviews in five words or less on his website (5orless.com)…to celebrate the five-year anniversary of his ongoing project, Miller has curated ‘5 or Less Fest’, an evening …

  • Monologue On the Road: Dairy Queen

    An homage to Parker Posey….. Libby Mae Brown’s monologue from Waiting for Guffman (1996)       Filmed by Natalie O’Moore somewhere outside of Tucson, AZ. Special thanks to Madeline O’Moore & the employee of this DQ, for lending us her hat.

  • Maple Leaves

    Maple Leaves (2014) World Premiere at the Palm Springs International ShortFest, 2014 Official Selection St. Louis International Film Festival, 2014    

  • Where Are You

    WHERE ARE YOU (2014) Streaming *NOW* on AHC TV an Almost Holden Collective Production. Starring Joe Baker, Yeun Byun, Diana Irvine & Sayer Kanakriyeh. “Where Are You?” (xxi4) is the first feature-length series from the Almost Holden Collective. The series is the culmination of seven years of AHC content, tying in storylines previously established in films like “Good Grief, …